Drought, heat and survival

It has been a long hot summer, the garden is suffering and so am I. We had one welcome downpour but that was it and plants that perked up are looking sorry for themselves again. Still it is remarkable what has hung on and I am optimistic that once we do get rain (it must come in the end), the garden will revive. I am taking note of what is growing and will plant more drought-tolerant plants next year.

The gravel bed looks great with Allium carinatum subsp. pulchellum, both white and purple formscotton lavender, silver-leaved Lotus hirsutum, lavenders, orange spikes of Libertia perigrinans,  Euphorbia stricta ‘Golden Foam’, and various creeping thymes against a backdrop of the oat grass, Stipa gigantea.

I have watered the troughs and am particularly enjoying the superb show put on by my tiny specimen of Origanum ‘Emma Stanley’. What a treasure and it relishes this hot weather.


Our thatch has been redone, a 7 week task. I am going to be collecting up wheat straw and pulling out wheat seedlings for some time to come. Our thatcher has done a superb job removing the old thatch and giving us a lovely new roof, which provides excellent insulation, so the bedrooms in the cottage are delightfully cool.

Our next task is to prepare for the NGS opening on Sunday 2nd September- will there be anything to see?!