Spring and Social Isolation

Life in Upper Green

What difficult times we live in but thank goodness for the garden which is bursting with life. Daphne, camellias, daffodils, tulips, primulas, fritillaries and so much more. Spring has arrived with a bang. I have seen the first butterflies of the year- brimstones, small tortoiseshells and even a lone peacock. The birds are pairing up and nest building has commenced. But the local pheasant and the muntjac deer are not such welcome visitors- bother. A game pie would be very tasty.


Narcisssi come in all shapes and sizes, the deer do not eat them, most are easy to grow so the clumps thicken up with time, many are sweetly scented and, at this time of year, they provide so much pleasure.


Tulips are another spring flower that give the garden a lift, but sadly the muntjac deer will make a meal out of them given half a chance and a deer was trotting through our “fenced off” back garden this evening. There must be a gap somewhere or the deer is prepared to leap higher than in the past and I wonder how many of my lovely tulips will still be standing in the morning.


And then there are fritillaries. I have had problems with crown imperials in the past but this year they are standing tall and the yellow ones have even increased. The snake’s head fritillaries never fail – they are looking superb in the marsh and are even spreading in our little meadow area.