The End of Winter

Start of the Year

Spring has really arrived but what a long and strange year 2020 has been. Thank goodness for gardening. I am afraid that writing this blog ground to a halt. I partly blame apathy but also that WordPress changed their interface and I have not got to grips with the new system. Or perhaps I should say that I have not really tried to get to grips with it. Anyway here goes- gardening has not stopped and this is the best time of year.

The snowdrops were wonderful but they are almost all over apart from Galadriel and Polar Bear. All the clumps have steadily enlarged so now I need to do some dividing and replanting. I have acquired a few more (no surprise there) so have reached the 100 mark. However, I have resolved to move on to daffodils and other resilient spring bulbs unless I am really tempted by something very different in the snowdrop family.

Galanthus “Grumpy”
Galanthus “Mrs MacNamara”

Wildlife and Colour

The garden is bursting with life.  Large bumble bees are buzzing round the garden, the first butterflies have emerged from winter hibernation and birds are pairing up and establishing their territories. Yellow and blue are definitely the predominant colours – primroses, forsythia, expanses of daffodils, carpets of blue Anemone blanda, euphorbias, Chionodoxa (Scilla) luciliae and just a few blooms of the intensely blue Scilla siberica. Iris reticulata are over as are the winter aconites (Eranthis hyemalis) but they added to the welcome early colour. Roll on spring!

Iris reticulata Lady Beatrix Stanley
Iris reticulata Katharine Hodgkin
Winter aconite